Bloomfield, Ohio


I have found numerous references to the unincorporated community of Bloomfield in Morrow County, Ohio. I have as yet been unable to find any information about its location or size.

There are two Bloomfield townships, North Bloomfield and South Bloomfield, each on opposite ends of Morrow County.

This page will be updated as information comes to light, and if you have any information about this unincorporated community, please leave a comment to share where it is, or drop me an email at so I can add the data here to properly replace this marker page.

Sparta, Ohio

The village of Sparta is nestled in the southeastern corner of Morrow County, Ohio.

This small village is situated on a 0.09 square mile parcel of land, and (according to the 2010 US Census) is home to 161 residents with a median age of 40.6 years of age.

Sparta is served, educationally, by the Highland school system.

Mount Gilead, Ohio

The village of Mt. Gilead is the county seat of Morrow County, Ohio, but more than that, it is a pretty little community that offers the best of small town living.

(Ok – that last part of the opening sentence is a little biased, and just my personal opinion – for whatever that’s worth, but it is based on the overall well-kept appearance of the homes and business in Mt. Gilead as well as the friendliness of the people working in the village’s businesses.) Now for some facts…

Mount Gilead Ohio Demographics:
(based on the 2010 US Census)

Mount Gilead – founded in 1832 – is seated on a former Shawnee hunting ground, and is now the home to 3,660 residents.

The median age of Mount Gilead residents is 36.9, with a gender makeup of 47.3 male and 52.7 female.

Marengo, Ohio


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Located on the southern end of Morrow County, Ohio, the village of Marengo is (according to the 2010 US census) home to 342 people.

The total area of this small community is 0.17 square miles.

The median age of Marengo residents (at the time of the census) was 31.8 years of age, and the gender distribution was 48% male and 52% female.

While offering a small-town lifestyle, Marengo is located near I-71, making it easy to get to Columbus or even Cleveland without too much delay.

Fulton, Ohio

Just south of Mount Gilead in central Ohio’s Morrow County, Ohio, you can visit the village of Fulton (Zip code: 43321).

The cozy village of Fulton, Ohio (according to the 2010 United States Census records) is home to 258 people, nestled in a total area of 0.15 square miles of land.

The median age of the village’s residents is 35.7, with slightly over half the residents being female.


What to Expect From the January 2014 Polar Vortex


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According to the National Weather Service, unbelievably cold (potentially deadly and record-breaking) temperatures, heavy snow, and some ice are about to sweep into the Ohio Valley, covering Morrow County and surrounding areas thanks to a weather event that is commonly called a polar vortex.

Sunday Afternoon Update

Well, it looks like the first part of the NOAA prediction was wrong – so far…no snow… Thank goodness!

The frigid cold is reportedly still on its way, however.

As of right now, about 10 p.m. EST Saturday January 4, 2014, not much is happening, and as far as overnight hours go, not much is predicted, with a 30% chance of snow with little or no accumulation expected.

Sunday, January 5, 2014: A.M. Forecast

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, around 9 a.m. is when NOAA predicts things will start to turn, with a 100% chance of snow and two to four inches of snow accumulation.

Sunday, January 5, 2014: P.M. Forecast

Then tomorrow night from 11 p.m. through the night-time hours, expect another three to five inches of snow, wind (likely to cause drifting), and sub-zero temperatures with double-digit negative temperatures after wind chill is factored in.

Monday, January 6, 2014 Forecast

Monday there should be a little more snow, heavier winds combined with continued sub-zero temperatures. The National Weather Service is predicting wind chill factors for Mount Gilead, in Morrow County, Ohio to reach -35 degrees (that’s: thirty-five degrees below zero.)

Take Precautions

Caution is advised, as these temperatures are dangerously low, and exposed skin can become frostbit in 10 minutes – or less – at these low, predicted temperatures.

If you absolutely have to go out, dress extra warmly, and make sure to take extra emergency supplies in your car, especially blankets, in case you slide in the ditch.

The 7-day forecast is available via NOAA, along with more details about the approaching storm, at the website link provided above.

Hercules Brings Bitter Cold to Morrow County, Ohio

With the mercury resting at 9 degrees Fahrenheit and wind chill in the negative double digits (13 degrees below zero as of 11 p.m. Jan. 2, 2014) and expected to drop at least another 7 degrees colder overnight – the area is under a wind chill advisory.


Avoid going out if you can, but if you have to go out, bundle up. These temperatures can be deadly and are nothing to play around with.


In these dangerous temperatures, it’s a good idea to bring in outdoor pets or at least make sure they have plenty of warm bedding and that the wind is blocked from their shelter.


Make sure to keep an emergency kit that includes a warm blanket in your vehicle – in case you slide off the road and have to wait for help.

Hercules Hits Morrow County, Ohio

Well, it’s here… the first big named winter storm to hit Morrow County, Ohio… Hercules.

named winter storm 2014

Hercules is expected to dump 12-18 inches of snow on some parts of the country, but here in Morrow County, Ohio predictions are that we’ll get between 3 and 5 inches.

Winter storms are not traditionally named. This is only the second winter season of named winter storms.

According to The Weather Channel, there are criteria a storm must meet in order to get a name and there is a valid reason for the names.

Which Storms Get Names?

The decision to give a storm a name is based on the Storm-Con Winter Impact Index, which centers around the severity of the storm and danger the storm front carries with it. (You can read more of the details at the Weather Channel’s website if interested.)

Why Winter Storms Are Named

You can thank the popularity of the Internet and social media for these named winter storms.

Adding a hashtag to information about a storm (#Hercules) and location information (#morrowcountyohio) helps get potentially life saving warning warning messages to the people who are looking for information about the storm – via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

So, even if it seems a little strange to hear a snowstorm has been named Hercules, it’s a practice that is likely to continue – for a valid reason.

  • You are welcome to share your opinion on the new practice of naming winter storms or your experience with this particular winter storm.

US Postal Service Rates on the Rise (Again)

According to the cost of mailing a letter or shipping a package via the US Postal service is about to go up again.

While this topic is not specific to Morrow County, it is bound to affect Morrow County residents and businesses, so I felt it was appropriate to share here.

The rate increase is undoubtedly an attempt to offset a continued decline in income from customers using the postal service, but based on consumer response to past rate hikes, can be expected to offer a further blow to the already challenged service.

(As rates increase, people turn to the Internet and other shipping services more and more.) Using myself as an example – I do get mail delivery at my house six days per week – in that way I get use from the service though my bills come in via the Internet, and I often get the neighbor’s mail rather than my own… I bought a total of 3 stamps to mail letters last year. And, I have used the Post Office’s Parcel Select service several times in 2013, because it was a touch cheaper than UPS and because the Iberia Post Office provides utterly incredible service. However, with the coming price hike, I will probably rethink that and will switch if UPS is cheaper… It comes down to the best price when the service is comparable.

How about you? Do you make use of the US Postal service much, or do you use other methods to send communications, documents, and packages?

You can read the details of the rate hikes by clicking here.


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