Blooming Grove, Ohio


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Take a look at a map of Morrow County Ohio’s north-eastern corner, and you’ll spot a little burg called Blooming Grove.

Blooming Grove, OhioBlooming Grove, Ohio

Locals know Blooming Grove as the home to the best you-pick strawberry farm around, but the community has a rich history that predates the berry farm found there today.

Birthplace of Warren Harding

The baby that grew up to run the Marion Star newspaper before becoming the 29th President of the United States, Warren Gamaliel Harding, was born in Blooming Grove (though, at the time of his birth it was called Corsica.)

Harding’s birth home has since been demolished, but a commemorative sign stands to mark the site of this historic home.

North Bloomfield Township

North Bloomfield is the township name for where Blooming Grove stands. The closest city is Galion, and much of the North Bloomfield, and therefore Blooming Grove, population, is served by Galion postal service and – back when land lines were still popular – telephone service.

Records Search in Morrow County, Ohio



If you’re doing research for anything that involves public records in Morrow County, this should (hopefully) get you pointed in the right direction.

Records Search in Morrow County

The type of records you are looking for will determine where you should begin your search.

  • If you are looking for genealogical records or historical documents, the Morrow County Historical Society should be your first point of contact – it’s located by the LIbrary, but I saw on Facebook that it’s moving up to a building in the square – I’ll update with the address when I get more details.
  • If you are looking for records about land ownership, visit the County Commissioner’s office.
  • For court records, visit the courthouse.

Morrow County,  Ohio Public Records

To gain access to public records, you can visit the county website’s Public Records Request page.

  • The records are available to view between 8A.M. and 4P.M. in the County Commissioner’s office – the website says Monday through Friday – but it seems like I heard they aren’t open Fridays anymore, so call them at (419)947-4085 to confirm the office’s hours before driving up.
  • There is a form available on the website that you can print out to request public records. The county website says the form is not required, but it helps the person retrieving the information for you find what you need a little faster.
  • The only cost is the cost of printing out copies – a quarter for each black and white page and fifty cents per colored page.

Morrow County Courthouse Records

Every case that moves through the court system leaves a paper trail behind in the form of courthouse records.

  • According to the Court Records website, one of the biggest roadblocks to finding desired information is not knowing how the system works. Their website offers more information on that, as well as extra tips on how to search through court records to find the information you need.

Bloomfield, Ohio


I have found numerous references to the unincorporated community of Bloomfield in Morrow County, Ohio. I have as yet been unable to find any information about its location or size.

There are two Bloomfield townships, North Bloomfield and South Bloomfield, each on opposite ends of Morrow County.

This page will be updated as information comes to light, and if you have any information about this unincorporated community, please leave a comment to share where it is, or drop me an email at so I can add the data here to properly replace this marker page.

Sparta, Ohio

The village of Sparta is nestled in the southeastern corner of Morrow County, Ohio.

This small village is situated on a 0.09 square mile parcel of land, and (according to the 2010 US Census) is home to 161 residents with a median age of 40.6 years of age.

Sparta is served, educationally, by the Highland school system.

Mount Gilead, Ohio

The village of Mt. Gilead is the county seat of Morrow County, Ohio, but more than that, it is a pretty little community that offers the best of small town living.

(Ok – that last part of the opening sentence is a little biased, and just my personal opinion – for whatever that’s worth, but it is based on the overall well-kept appearance of the homes and business in Mt. Gilead as well as the friendliness of the people working in the village’s businesses.) Now for some facts…

Mount Gilead Ohio Demographics:
(based on the 2010 US Census)

Mount Gilead – founded in 1832 – is seated on a former Shawnee hunting ground, and is now the home to 3,660 residents.

The median age of Mount Gilead residents is 36.9, with a gender makeup of 47.3 male and 52.7 female.

Marengo, Ohio


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Located on the southern end of Morrow County, Ohio, the village of Marengo is (according to the 2010 US census) home to 342 people.

The total area of this small community is 0.17 square miles.

The median age of Marengo residents (at the time of the census) was 31.8 years of age, and the gender distribution was 48% male and 52% female.

While offering a small-town lifestyle, Marengo is located near I-71, making it easy to get to Columbus or even Cleveland without too much delay.

Fulton, Ohio

Just south of Mount Gilead in central Ohio’s Morrow County, Ohio, you can visit the village of Fulton (Zip code: 43321).

The cozy village of Fulton, Ohio (according to the 2010 United States Census records) is home to 258 people, nestled in a total area of 0.15 square miles of land.

The median age of the village’s residents is 35.7, with slightly over half the residents being female.



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